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Discover the true meaning of relaxation combined with Jamaican luxury at our unique Bluefields Bay Country Retreat on the Sea. Experience the convenience of a fully-inclusive resort enhanced by the grandeur and royal-treatment of being in your own private villa. Each of our six waterfront, luxury villas in Jamaica has its own private pool and expertly-trained staff, including a gourmet chef and a personal butler.

Luxury, Redefined

Your only obligation is to relax and relish each moment. Enjoy breathtaking views of the crystal-clear sparkling blue Caribbean Sea and the lush backdrop of the mountains right behind. Spend quality-time with friends and loved ones without distractions. Revive the art of conversation that is too often lost in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

Most important, don’t lift a finger. Just unwind and let our staff take care of your needs. Enjoy tropical drinks made from fresh-picked fruits, savor gourmet meals, relish your freshly-laundered and beautifully ironed clothes, and so much more. We even provide nannies for young children and elderly care too.

Did you know that if you stay 5 or more nights in our luxury villas, you can get 1 additional night free? Hurry, this limited offer ends soon. Get full details here.

All-Inclusive Activities

Each morning, our Guest Services Manager visits to help plan your day. You can do as much or as little as you choose. Just realize that — whatever you wish to do — we take care of it so that you can enjoy every moment of your holiday.

If you’re seeking adventure, each villa offers kayaks, snorkeling gear, standup paddleboards, and more. Take a guided hike through the untouched mountain right behind your villa. Witness from our glass-bottom boat the splendor of our coral reefs teeming with sea life. Go scuba diving. Your chauffeur can also whisk you away to the acclaimed YS Falls or to the world-famous Appleton Estates Distillery — both just a short drive away.

Experience the Best of the Luxury Villas in Jamaica

If you’re looking for a luxury villas for rent in Jamaica, look no further than Bluefields Bay Villas. Our waterfront villas offers the privacy of a secluded island with the convenience and amenities of a luxury hotel.

There’s plenty to see and do, but we won’t fault you if you just want to relax and take in the scenery with a tropical drink in hand. You can also enjoy on-site spa services as well as study the detail put into the design, layout, and character of each villa and its grounds. From antique furnishings, to fine china and silver place settings, to lush tropical gardens, this is hardly your run-of-the-mill resort. Our luxury villas in Jamaica offer a truly unparalleled experience.

We want you to feel truly “at home”. After all, this is your private villa.

6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, Private Pool
5+ Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Private Pool
4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, Private Pool, Beachfront
3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, Private Pool
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Private Pool, Beachfront
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Private Pool
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Real Reviews: Why Bluefields is One of the Best Caribbean Resorts for Couples
Looking for luxurious, romantic getaway to a tropical paradise? Well look no further than Bluefields Bay Villas. For over 30 years, it’s been one of the best Caribbean resorts for couples. We know what you’re thinking, “that’s easy for you to say.” True, but we’ve listened to what our guests have to say and they rave about our exceptional service, stunning views, savory dishes and thrilling adventures. Don’t believe us? We’ll let our guests speak for themselves. Read some of the stellar reviews we’ve received on TripAdvisor (we have over 300 5-star reviews, so we could only pick a few). See why these guests are calling us the best Caribbean resort for couples. Ready to take the most romantic all-inclusive getaway of a lifetime? Call us today at 1-877-955-8993 or contact us online to start booking your vacation today.

Our Friendly & Inviting Staff

Each Bluefields all-inclusive private villa comes with it’s own personal staff including a butler, gourmet chef and a housekeeper. Let’s just say our guests took a liking to them:

“The magnificent scenery of the unobstructed blue sea melting with the ever changing clouds is only matched by the impeccable service of the staff. Their enticing smiles, warmth, generosity, sincere case and professionalism are truly exceptional. We thank them all.”

Molly21NewYorkCity, TripAdvisor.

The staff has made Bluefields the best vacation experience of our lives. Our house staff was absolutely amazing. Okeem and Alton are always one step ahead, delivering Pina Coladas as soon as we think we might like a drink. They feel like family to us, and we can’t wait to return.

Antonio C, TripAdvisor.

We had a friendly, courteous butler at our service. Whenever we thought of something, the staff was there to get on top of it.

pearllee819, TripAdvisor.

Our Delicious, Gourmet Food

At our romantic Caribbean resort, we provide each villa with their very own personal chef. He’ll prepare personalized meals that include locally grown fruits and scrumptious seafood that’s fresh out of the water:

I don’t even know where to start with the food, it was INCREDIBLE. Each morning we indulged in fresh cut fruit, followed by a full meal. Dinner was served every night with the best soups I’ve ever had, and don’t get me started on the desserts. YUMMMMM!

curlycamille, TripAdvisor.

Where do I even begin, every single meal had so much thought put into it, from the table settings to the actual meal and the way it was presented was so impressive. You don’t get quality food like this at those big resorts. We even convinced Chef Harry to play a little dominos with us!!

Erin M, TripAdvisor.

I was stunned to see time after time the amazing food that came out of our chef’s kitchen. I can say that we enjoyed every meal we ate.

Oscar B, TripAdvisor.

Our Unforgettable Resort

Tucked away in the mountains, Bluefields provides couples with breathtaking views of the horizon. We even offer thrilling adventures on the water or by the falls. It’s no wonder why they’re goodbye to tourism and hello to the best all-inclusive resorts for couples. Each morning you wake up to a beautiful and panoramic view of the sunrise, enjoying the serene sights & sounds with the aroma of freshly brewed Jamaican coffee piercing the air. It’s already one of the greatest experience in the whole world & it’s not even noon!

Josh M, TripAdvisor.

From the moment we landed to the moment we left the villa, everything was perfect. We toured the local school which was very cool and hiked up the mountain where we were able to experience Jamaican culture without be haggled. We were absolutely forced to relax and have no worries at all. We cannot wait to come back.

Matt H, Trip Advisor.

Once we pulled into our driveway, it was like stepping into another world of breathtaking beauty — lush green trees right down to the clear, warm turquoise water. There was plenty to do at the villa with snorkeling and kayaking. But we also went to YS Falls, where we enjoyed a picnic and zip lined. It was well worth it. It was the most relaxing vacation ever.

Cathy K, TripAdvisor.

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As our guests have told you, Bluefields Bay Villas is one of the best caribbean resorts for couples. With stunning views, gourmet food and superb service, we’ll give you a vacation you will never forget. See for yourself why these are couples can’t stop talking about Bluefields. Call us today at 1-877-9955-8993 or request a quote online to start planning your stay at our Jamaican luxury villas.
posted September 5, 2016
Bluefields Bay Villas Featured in Eat Love Savor
Except for the high profile individuals that go here to get away, Bluefields Bay Villas (Bluefields, Jamaica) is a little known gem thats just south of Montego Bay but might as well be worlds away on its private bay, which is a designated protected fish sanctuary.
posted June 15, 2015
Entree Award of Excellence: World's Best Resorts
Bluefields Bay Villas has been awarded the Gold E Award of Excellence in recognition of being selected as one of the World's Best Resorts by Entree, a privately published monthly travel newsletter dedicated to the discovery of very special places for the discriminating and sophisticated traveler.
posted March 25, 2015
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